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Rare Books and the Rare Book Trade
CABS 2018

Colorado Antiquarian Book Seminar Honoured by a $1 Million Donation

Published on 23 Oct. 2018
Message from Sally Burdon, ILAB President: 41 years of supporting and educating booksellers is a long and proud record. This summer, just like the 40 before that, the Colorado Antiquarian Book Seminar (CABS) guided and supported another 50 would-be booksellers, more experienced booksellers, librarians and collectors through the intricacies of the antiquarian trade.
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From the Vault

A sneak peek in our archives



Recent news on the Girolamini thefts: Marino Massimo de Caro had given an interview to an Italian newspaper in which he accused antiquarian booksellers and auctioneers to manipulate valuable books – scratching out stamps, removing old ownership labels and/or gluing those to others. ILAB and ALAI refused to file a law-suit against both the reporter and Mr De Caro for giving such a scandalous interview, but the President of ALAI, Fabrizio Govi, and the former Director of the Italian National Libraries, Dr Daniele Danesi, have responded to it in a serious and widely read newspaper in Italy. Read the following letter to the Presidents of ILAB's member associations, by ILAB President Norbert Donhofer:
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Book Review - The Book Smugglers of Timbuktu by Charlie English

For the bibliophile, Timbuktu is synonymous with the legendary city in the African desert and its legacy of hundreds of thousands of ancient manuscripts.The West African city of Timbuktu, in Mali, was established in the 12th century by the Tuareg and gained prominence as a cultural and intellectual centre in the 15th century.
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Bibliographies - Middle Ages

Online: The Labyrinth - The Journal of Arthurian Studies - The Camelot Project
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ILAB History

ABA History 1906-1984, Part 2

At this point - except for a tributory bow towards all those, named or not, who had set and kept the ABA in motion, and a passage on the then imminent fiftieth anniversary and tenth Congress - Dudley Massey's account concludes. To the far from dauntless continuator its coverage seems considerable and its evidence of determined burrowing in files and minutes impressive.
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The Book Illustrations Of Humphrey Bogart's Mother

In 1898, Baby's Record was published by Frederick A. Stokes Co. of New York. Issued in three simultaneous editions featuring one, six, or twelve color illustrations, the book was by Maud Humphrey, who, in the same year, married Dr. Belmont De Forest Bogart. A year later, on Christmas Day, she bore a son. The couple named him Humphrey.
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