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Rare Books and the Rare Book Trade
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Edinburgh Era – McNaughtan’s Bookshop

Published on 24 Aug. 2015
Away to Scotland for a rather special rare book trade occasion last week. A retirement party for our old friend Elizabeth Strong (McNaughtan's Bookshop) – not just a retirement party but also a welcome party for Derek and Anna Walker, who are taking over this much-loved bookshop on Haddington Place from Elizabeth. A big day for her, but perhaps an ever bigger one for them. The closing of one era, the opening of another – a passing on of the baton from one generation to the next. A time for celebration. A time for reflection. A goodish crowd of bookish folk. Edinburgh stalwart Ian Watson (John Updike Rare Books) was there. Cooper Hay had come over from Glasgow. Andrew Hunter (Blackwell's Rare Books) was up from Oxford. Family, friends, customers. A few choice words from our president, Oscar Graves-Johnston. A few words of farewell, welcome and introduction from Elizabeth. A few words of appreciation and anticipation from the Walkers.
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From Seoul to London – An interview with T.J. Kim, antiquarian bookseller in the Republic of Korea

Published on 20 July 2015
ILAB is like the United Nations for antiquarian booksellers. As a truly global umbrella organization it shows that the rare book business is fascinating in its diversity: from Europe to South Africa and the United States, to Australia and Asia. When in 1989 the Antiquarian Booksellers' Association of Korea (ABAK) was founded, the antiquarian booksellers in the Republic of Korea immediately became affiliated to ILAB. And now, for the first time, the South Korean colleagues exhibited at this year's London International Antiquarian Book Fair. T.J. Kim, owner of Tmecca Korea, Inc. in Seoul, was one of them. He tells us about rare bookselling in his home country, his own career and future perspectives of the trade.
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The Rare Book Trade - Remington Voyages

Published on 20 Feb. 2015
We found ourselves in the Sussex market town of Midhurst the other day – very pleasant, even in the rain – partly as an episode in the ongoing quest for perfect seasoned logs to keep the home fires burning (the ones available locally are apparently just lumps of wood – but that's another story). So obviously also an opportunity not to be missed to call on Philip Remington (of Reg & Philip Remington), who is nowadays quartered in these parts. Now, while the name Remington might merely suggest rifles or razors to some people, to those of us in the real world it means only one thing: the finest of fine books in the spheres of exploration, voyages and travel. The firm can trace its origins back to that day in 1951 when Reg Remington was taken on by the Francis Edwards firm as a trainee, rising through the ranks to become in turn assistant to Herbert Edwards, then Edwards' successor as head of the voyages and travel department, and then a director of the firm. Meanwhile, his son Philip was undergoing his own vigorous training at the so fondly remembered Hodgson's Auction Rooms on Chancery Lane. In 1979 they joined forces to begin trading independently, taking on a shop in London's Cecil Court in 1980, where they remained as one of its great adornments until 2002.
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Worth a Visit! Engel & Co. - Beautiful, Old, Rare and Precious Books in Stuttgart

Published on 16 Jan. 2015
Mention the city of Stuttgart anywhere, and the first thought is „Mercedes Benz", „Porsche" or perhaps „Robert Bosch". What is less well known is that Stuttgart is one of the big "book cities" in Germany. When Leipzig lost importance after the war, many publishers and book distributors moved here. It has always been a reading town, not for nothing does Friedrich Schiller hail from here. Friedrich Hölderlin and Hermann Hesse lived and suffered nearby. The philosopher Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel and the publisher Johann Heinrich Cotta were born in Stuttgart, where a century later Mies van der Rohe built the famous "Weissenhofsiedlung" on the hills that surround the city centre. Stuttgart is also a centre of anthroposophy in Germany. The first Waldorf School was founded here, by Rudolf Steiner himself. So it does not come as a surprise that the oldest and largest bookshop specialised on anthroposophy is located here: Engel & Co. It has had several names during its history, but the basic premise has never changed: to purvey anthroposophic literature in particular and a select stock of good literature in general.
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The Art of Collecting – An Interview with David Mason

Published on 25 July 2013
David Mason discovered his love of literature in a bathtub at age eleven, at fifteen he was expelled from school. For the next decade and a half, he worked odd jobs, bought books more often than food, and floated around Europe. He helped gild a volume in white morocco for Pope John XXIII. And then, at the age of 30, after returning home to Canada and apprenticing with Joseph Patrick Books, he found his calling. A few weeks ago Canadian author and rare book dealer David Mason published his memoirs The Pope's Bookbinder. In his brilliant book he tells the most exciting stories of his legendary international career. An interview with David Mason about his career and the art of collecting.
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From the Vault

A sneak peek in our archives


William Salloch (1906-1990) – Antiquarian Booksellers in Exile –

The seizure of power by the Nazis in 1933 was a decisive event in the world of book collecting. Numerous dealers and collectors – among them the most famous of the trade – were murdered by the Nazis. Those who survived were forced to close their companies and to hand them over to the Nazis.
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Meet the ILAB Mentors - Laurence Worms of Ash Rare Books (ABA UK)

In December 2016, ILAB launched a new Mentoring Programme, which aims to help young or recently established booksellers throughout the world by offering support and counselling on a one to one basis.In our new series "Meet the ILAB Mentors", we would like to present those booksellers who are volunteering their time for newer entrants to the antiquarian and rare book trade!
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In the Press - Rare Kepler Book Returns to Stralsund, Germany

"May I please give this book back to Stralsund. It is a great day for the German-American friendship, for the cities of New York and Stralsund and a great day for rare and valuable books in archives and in libraries." With these words rare book dealer Jonathan Hill, New York, handed over a unique early edition of Johannes Kepler's works which had once belonged to the archive of Stralsund (Germany). For centuries the worth of the book had been unknown. A year and a half ago Jonathan Hill discovered the book in a catalogue. It had been sold together with the whole Stralsund archives and was now offered by an auction house. Jonathan Hill bought the book and, as he said in a press conference on 15th April 2014, brought it back to where it belongs: to Stralsund.
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Can Your Kindle Do This?

John Ledyard is a strange and fascinating American original. In 1772 he attended Eleazer Wheelock's Indian School, which would later become Dartmouth College. Unhappy there, he went off with the Indians. When spring rolled around he built himself an Indian-style dugout canoe, threw a bearskin around his shoulders, and sailed down the Connecticut River to his people in Hartford. Several adventures later he accompanied Captain Cook on this third voyage and was present when Cook was killed in the Sandwich Islands.
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Congresses, Meetings, Fairs 1947 - 2017

History - Congresses, Fairs, Meetings
1947 - Amsterdam - Preliminary conference
1948 - Copenhagen - 1st Congress1949 - London - 2nd Congress1950 - Paris - 3rd Congress1951 - Brussels - 4th Congress1952 - Geneva - 5th Congress1953 - Milan - 6th Congress1954 - Vienna - 7th Congress1955 - New York - 8th Congress1956 - London - 9th Congress1957 - Munich - 10th Congress1958 - London - 11th Congress1959 - New York - 12th Congress1960 - Scheveningen - 13th Congress1961 - Paris - 14th Congress1962 - Basel - 15th Congress1963 - Brussels - 16th Congress1964 - Ravenna - 17th Congress
1965 - Amsterdam - 1st International Book Fair
1965 - Stuttgart - Presidents' Meeting
1966 - Vienna - 18th Congress1967 - San Francisco - 19th Congress and 2nd International Book Fair1968 - Amsterdam - 3rd International Book Fair
1968 - London - Presidents' Meeting
1969 - Copenhagen - 20th Congress
1970 - Paris - Presidents' Meeting
1971 - London - 21st Congress and 4th International Book Fair
1972 - Vienna - Presidents' Meeting
1973 - Tokyo - 22nd Congress and 5th International Book Fair
1974 - Turin - Presidents' Meeting
1975 - Amsterdam - 23rd Congress and 6th International Book Fair
1976 - Brussels - Presidents' Meeting
1977 - Düsseldorf - 7th International Book Fair
1978 - Zurich - 25th Congress and 8th International Book Fair
1979 - Copenhagen - Presidents' Meeting
1980 - New York - 26th Congress and 9th International Book Fair
1981 - Kyoto - Presidents' Meeting
1982 - Amsterdam - Presidents' Meeting
1983 - Stockholm - Presidents' Meeting
1984 - London - 27th Congress and 10th International Book Fair
1985 - Munich - Presidents' Meeting
1986 - Venice - 28th Congress and 11th International Book Fair
1987 - Vienna - Presidents' Meeting
1988 - Paris - 29th Congress and 12th International Book Fair
1989 - Yverdon - Presidents' Meeting
1990 - Tokyo - 30th Congress and 13th International Book Fair
1991 - Copenhagen - Presidents' Meeting
1992 - Cologne - 31st Congress and 14th International Book Fair
1993 - Los Angeles - Presidents' Meeting
1994 - Amsterdam - 32nd Congress and 15th International Book Fair
1995 - Brussels - Presidents' Meeting
1996 - Los Angeles - 33rd Congress and San Francisco, 16th International Book Fair
1997 - Sydney - Presidents' Meeting
1998 - Vienna - 34th Congress and 17th International Book Fair
1999 - Florence - Presidents' Meeting
2000 - Edinburgh - 35th Congress and 18th International Book Fair
2001 - Boston - Presidents' Meeting
2002 - Scandinavia - 36th Congress and 19th International Book Fair
2003 - Potsdam - Presidents' Meeting
2004 - Melbourne - 37th Congress and 20th International Book Fair
2005 - Montréal - Presidents' Meeting
2006 - Wilmington - Presidents' Meeting
2006 - New York - 21st International Book Fair
2007 - Paris - Presidents' Meeting
2008 - Madrid - 38th Congress and 22nd International Book Fair
2009 - Vienna - Presidents' Meeting
2010 - Bologna - 39th Congress and 23rd International Antiquarian Book Fair
2011 - Weimar - Presidents' Meeting
2012 - Lucerne, Zurich - 40th Congress and 24th International Antiquarian Book Fair
2013 - Siena - Presidents' Meeting
2014 - Paris - 41th ILAB Congress and 25th International Antiquarian Book Fair
2015 - Seville - Presidents' Meeting
2016 - Budapest - 42nd ILAB Congress and 26th International Antiquarian Book Fair
2017 - Copenhagen - Presidents' Meeting
2018 - Los Angeles - 43rd ILAB Congress

(Picture: Presidents' Meeting in Vienna, October 2009)
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