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Rare Books and the Rare Book Trade
Michael R. Thompson Los Angeles

In Memorian: Michael R. Thompson, Los Angeles

Published on 27 Aug. 2018
On Sunday, 25th August 2018, friends and colleagues gathered at the William Andrews Clark Memorial Library in Los Angeles, to celebrate the life of Michael R. Thompson. A tribute by the library's Head Librarian Emeritus, Mr. Bruce Whiteman is published here with the permission of the author. Mr Thompson will be missed by many of his colleagues in the rare book trade.
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1 - 8 / 42

From the Vault

A sneak peek in our archives


Brussels 2017

BRUSSELS RARE BOOK & PRINT FAIR    22 - 24 June 2017 
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Buying Antiquarian Books in Oslo, Norway

If you find yourself in Oslo and are thinking about looking for antiquarian books, we can point you in the right directions. Norway isn't home to the largest remaining selection of antiquarian bookstores in Scandinavia (shops in Denmark and Sweden seem to have fared better than others), but there are still quite a few in which visitors can spend many hours scanning shelves and boxes.
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Voices of Science - The lives of British scientists recorded in a new British Library oral history archive

"Voices of Science" tells the stories of some of the most remarkable scientific and engineering discoveries of the past century. The scientists talk about their motivations, frustrations and triumphs, as well as their colleagues, families and childhoods, and the social, economic and political circumstances under which their researches, inventions and discoveries took place. Additional information is given by personal biographies, photographs and links which provide the context for each scientist's life and work.
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The American Antiquarian Society, 1812-2012: A Bicentennial History

Philip F. Gura's brilliant new book traces the development of the American Antiquarian Society library and the role its librarians have played as collectors, scholars of American writing and publishing, and stewards of the nation's history. Published on the occasion of the Society's bicentennial in April 2012. Distributed by Oak Knoll Press.
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