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Rare Books and the Rare Book Trade
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Bibliomaniacs in Battersea

Published on 08 June 2018
“Palpable history”, says Sir David Attenborough. We are at the annual Antiquarian Booksellers Association Rare Books Fair, and he is describing the pleasure of holding an incunable – a book printed in the fifteenth century, in the first few decades after the printing press was invented.
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From the Vault

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Collecting Rare Books and First Editions - Astronomy, Astrology, Potato, Po-tah-to?

Since the Neolithic age, humans have attempted to track lunar cycles and understand their relationship with natural phenomena like the changing tides. From these rudimentary attempts, the fields of astrology and astronomy were eventually born. The two disciplines evolved together, but our changing understanding of the universe has relegated astrology to the world of superstition and folklore. The world of rare books offers an interesting glimpse into these parallel studies.
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​The ABA apprenticeship scheme is changing

In contrast to an internship, which typically lasts for six weeks, the ABA scheme allows for a trainee bookseller to work for an ABA bookseller for two years. During that time, the trainee will gain valuable experience, while the ABA bookseller gets financial support from the Educational Trust. Trainees are paid for both their normal working hours and the time they spend training.
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You Cataracts and Hurricanoes! - A Treatise on Meteorology: From the Encyclopedia Metropolitana

I focus not on a reference book but on a single entry today — still, it's large enough to be published as a substantial book in its own right. This is George Harvey's entry on meteorology for the Encyclopedia Metropolitana — what Tom McArthur calls "the grand but ill-fated Encyclopaedia Metropolitana." Samuel Taylor Coleridge was involved in the planning, though he backed out as soon as it began appearing in 1818, as did most of the others who started it. A total of thirty quarto volumes, stretching to more than 22,000 pages and 565 plates, appeared over the next twenty-eight years.
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All Things Bright and Beautiful - Rare Books and Superb Bindings

Sheila Markham in conversation with Edward Bayntun-Coward of George Bayntun
The late Pierre Berès, most eminent of French book dealers, rang up a while ago and insisted on speaking to George Bayntun. When I told him that it would not be possible, he insisted that he only dealt with the owner…
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London International Antiquarian Book Fair, 26th to 28th May 2016

From May 26th to 28th the halls of Olympia will once again present an unparalleled array of literary material at the London International Antiquarian Book Fair. Now in its 59th year, this major three-day event is one of the largest and most prestigious antiquarian book fairs in the world, showcasing rare, unique and unusual items from 180 leading UK and international dealers.
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