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Rare Books and the Rare Book Trade
Book Fairs

News from Stockholm!

Published on 15 March 2018
On Saturday 17th March, the 2018 edition of the annual Stockholm Antiquarian Book Fair will open its doors! We spoke to Mats Peterson, owner of Stockholm's Centralantikvariatet in Stockholm and President of the Swedish association SVAF.
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37 - 45 / 221

From the Vault

A sneak peek in our archives


The Finer Print - Growing Concern Over Facsimile Jackets

A few weeks ago a longtime collector sent us a few books to sell on consignment. His is a major collection of twentieth-century literature, including a healthy number of the desirable high spots acquired from many of the most respected dealers in the trade.
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News from Down Under - ANZAAB Newsletter

The Australian and New Zealand Antiquarian Booksellers' Association has just published its latest newsletter! Preparing for the upcoming Melbourne Rare Book Week and Book Fair, looking back at the ILAB Congress in Pasadena and why it is worth considering an application with the ILAB Mentoring Programme as a young bookseller.
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Collecting - The Humorous and Absurd World of Medieval Marginalia

For most of the Middle Ages, the only way to reproduce a book was to copy it by hand. Copying was solitary, lengthy, and physically taxing work. Scribes worked long hours, in contorted positions, and abided by rigid expectations. At heart, it was a droning process, too, allowing the copier only the ability to transfer the words of another. Consequently, many scribes developed a sense of humor to break up the monotony of their hand-cramping task. It was well-deserved, for without these scribes, we would have lost an unfathomable amount of our artistic and cultural history — from antiquity onward. Luckily, we can find evidence of their playful spirits in the margins of their very manuscripts, where illustrated miniatures and writings reveal the creative personality behind the pen.
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Antiquarian Booksellers Create a Unique ILAB Pop Up Book Street on UNESCO World Book and Copyright Day, 23 April 2016

It was a big success in 2015, and they have decided to do it again on 23 April 2016: Antiquariat Isis is the only ILAB bookseller in Groningen, Netherlands, but instead of thinking "there is only one of us and nothing can be done", Lyseth Belt and Theo Butterhof of Antiquariaat Isis, with the support of their local community, will organize the second edition of a rather special ILAB Pop Up celebration of UNESCO World Book and Copyright Day. Before the Second World War Groningen's Folkingestraat with the beautiful Synagogue was the heart of the Jewish community. Today it is a lively and busy quarter, full of small and independent shops, full of bookish and cultural events, a must go to for every visitor in the Netherlands. And on UNESCO World Book and Copyright Day 2016 Folkingestraat will even be something unique: with the ILAB flag flying high above the street it will become the worldwide only ILAB Pop Up Book Street!
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Living With - And From - Books, Part 3

I worked as a book dealer for 30 years, while my father takes pride in his 60 years-long experience; it's a long time but doubtless a time well spent. During all these years we've been honoured meeting so many extraordinary people: bibliophiles, librarians and, above all, colleagues with whom we shared ideas, insights and of course culture. The exchange of views with fellow book dealers from all over the world has been an irreplaceable resource in doing our job, and doing it with the most passionate attitude. Besides the economic incentive, we cannot help but consider the intellectual profile involved in the book dealing as a truly gratifying reward.
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