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Rare Books and the Rare Book Trade
Grolier Club NY

Bibliography Week New York 21 - 25 January 2020

Published on 14 Jan. 2020
BIBLIOGRAPHY WEEK happens each year in New York City at the end of January when the principal national organizations devoted to book history have their annual meetings. Other groups plan interesting events, too, since so many bibliophiles are in town. Some events (not noted here) are open to members only, but mostly you are encouraged to show up everywhere: get a sense of what is going on in the book world, hear some interesting papers, schmooze over cocktails ...
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Rare Book Fair Stuttgart
Book Fairs

Germany's Rare Book Fair Stuttgart, 24th – 26th January 2020: Growing number of international firms, an expanded events programme and the new Young Collectors' Award

Published on 06 Jan. 2020
The Rare Book Fair Stuttgart is proud to announce the patronage of the Lord Mayor of Stuttgart. 75 German and international dealers will present a variety of material from illuminated manuscripts, and incunabula to rare books, autographs, illustrated works and graphic art of the 20th century.
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Les Enluminures Podcast

PODCAST "The Collector and the Dealer"

Published on 29 Nov. 2019
Sandra Hindman is owner and founder of "Les Enluminures" with galleries in Chicago, Paris and New York specialising in manuscripts and miniatures from the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, the gallery also handles rings and jewelry from the same periods. In this podcast Sandra has invited collector Benjamin Zucker and looks at their roles and relationship as dealer and collector. While this podcast focusses on the current "Diamonds" exhibition, it also reveals the fascination to collect, the handling of manuscripts and the knowledge needed to deal in historical items.
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From the Vault

A sneak peek in our archives


Rare Booksellers' First Catalogues

Booksellers' firsts are as rare as some rare books. Often printed and produced with much love and energy, yet on cheap paper and for a still small company of customers, they are "used" – and thrown away. Who started when? What did he or she offer? And for what price? Only the first catalogues can answer such questions. How did he or she present the material? With illustrations, elaborate descriptions, old-fashioned, modern, sophisticated or funny? A fine selection of 100 titles, or the abundance of 4000 items in one volume? In form of a "real" print catalogue or as a photocopied list? The catalogues, and especially their covers, reflect the taste and customs of the decades in which they were printed. Some months ago Tom Congalton of Between the Covers Rare Books started to publish pictures of rare booksellers' first catalogues on Facebook. The most outstanding examples are presented here.
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My Last Book Fair

The wise and great bookseller Louis Weinstein of The Heritage Book Shop once opined that antiquarian bookselling wasn't a business so much as it was a lifestyle choice. Book fairs are for many of us a large part of that lifestyle: frequent and often amusing travel, the thrill of discovery, and most of all the pleasure of our colleagues. I'm lucky to be a bookseller.
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Rare Books as Investments

Rare books as investments? "I think probably the only thing worse than having your rare bookseller manage your assets portfolio, is to have your investment broker choose your rare books. One might want to govern oneself accordingly. After all, as long as you buy the books that you love..."
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SLAM Conferences 2010 - The Antiquarian Book

Conferences will take place at the Town Hall of the 6th arrondissement – Wedding Hall, 78 rue Bonaparte – 75006 Paris (métro: Saint-Sulpice), 16th February to 22nd June 2010, 6:30 pm – 8:00 pm. Programme:
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Yale University Press - The Voynich Manuscript

In February 2014, media reported a breakthrough that had been made in attempts to decipher a mysterious 600-year-old manuscript written in an unknown language: The Voynich Manuscript, carbon-dated to the 1400s, was rediscovered in 1912, when the antiquarian bookseller Wilfrid Voynich bought it in Italy as part of a rare book collection. Since then it has defied codebreakers and scientists. The BBC and several news channels reported on the case. Yale University Press has now published the "first authorized copy of this mysterious, much-speculated-upon, one-of-a-kind, centuries-old puzzle." (Yale)
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Update on China tariffs - Art Newspaper / ILAB

The Art Newspaper has responded to ILAB's announcement to the international trade and press with an update on the imposed tariffs on products from China exported into the US.
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