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Rare Books and the Rare Book Trade
Grolier Club NY

Bibliography Week New York 21 - 25 January 2020

Published on 14 Jan. 2020
BIBLIOGRAPHY WEEK happens each year in New York City at the end of January when the principal national organizations devoted to book history have their annual meetings. Other groups plan interesting events, too, since so many bibliophiles are in town. Some events (not noted here) are open to members only, but mostly you are encouraged to show up everywhere: get a sense of what is going on in the book world, hear some interesting papers, schmooze over cocktails ...
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Rare Book Fair Stuttgart
Book Fairs

Germany's Rare Book Fair Stuttgart, 24th – 26th January 2020: Growing number of international firms, an expanded events programme and the new Young Collectors' Award

Published on 06 Jan. 2020
The Rare Book Fair Stuttgart is proud to announce the patronage of the Lord Mayor of Stuttgart. 75 German and international dealers will present a variety of material from illuminated manuscripts, and incunabula to rare books, autographs, illustrated works and graphic art of the 20th century.
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Les Enluminures Podcast

PODCAST "The Collector and the Dealer"

Published on 29 Nov. 2019
Sandra Hindman is owner and founder of "Les Enluminures" with galleries in Chicago, Paris and New York specialising in manuscripts and miniatures from the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, the gallery also handles rings and jewelry from the same periods. In this podcast Sandra has invited collector Benjamin Zucker and looks at their roles and relationship as dealer and collector. While this podcast focusses on the current "Diamonds" exhibition, it also reveals the fascination to collect, the handling of manuscripts and the knowledge needed to deal in historical items.
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1 - 8 / 1689

From the Vault

A sneak peek in our archives


A Tragedy: Mali rebels torched library of historic manuscripts

Timbuktu was one of the main centres of Arab learning in Africa. The library of Timbuktu owned numerous manuscripts and scrolls. They were the impressive proof that "black Africa" did not only have an oral, but a powerful written history. Now the library had been burnt down by rebels, before the French troops reached Timbuktu. Read the whole article from The Guardian.
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A Museum For World Literature From Austria – Where Austrian Booksellers Meet on UNESCO World Book and Copyright Day 2015!

VIENNA: A museum for world literature from Austria - the perfect location for an ILAB Pop Up Book Fair on UNESCO World Book and Copyright Day! Arthur Schnitzler, Franz Kafka and Thomas Bernhard – these are only some Austrian authors of worldwide renown whose works and lives are documented in the Literature Museum of the Austrian National Library. Located at Johannesgasse 6 in the first district of Vienna, the historical building from the year 1848 is the ideal place for a literature museum for a purely literary reason: Franz Grillparzer served as Archive Director in these premises until 1856. Here, at this most suitable place for booklovers, the Austrian antiquarian booksellers will welcome you on 23 April 2015!
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Collecting Rare Books and First Editions - Famous Literary Hoaxes (Part Three)

William Henry Ireland forged Shakespeare, and the Russian secret police fabricated records from a secret society. Literary hoaxes can be entertaining, dangerous, or humiliating. Today is our final installment on famous literary hoaxes. (Be sure to check out Part One and Part Two.)
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AbeBooks Fills "Empty Bookcases" for South Sudan!

A generous donation started the ILAB Pop Up Book Fair week! Even before the ILAB Pop Up Book Fairs appear across the world on UNESCO World Book and Copyright Day 2015, Richard Davies of AbeBooks announced that AbeBooks would make the generous donation of US$ 2000 towards ILAB's project to help fund UNESCO's vital literacy work in South Sudan. South Sudan, the world's newest state, is a troubled place indeed. Literacy is a way through some of the problems that beset the children in South Sudan and thanks to AbeBooks' generous gift, 190 sets of children's "Bouba and Zaza" books especially written and published for African children will be put into South Sudanese schools. "This generous donation by AbeBooks will make a real difference to the children in South Sudan". ILAB President Norbert Donhofer said yesterday. "In affluent countries it is so easy to take books and literacy for granted. However for those of us who work with books everyday of our lives, we realise that the debt we owe to those who taught us to read and to the early books we read from is incalcuable. We are indebted to AbeBooks for getting behind the ILAB booksellers and UNESCO in their work towards a more literate world."
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Sid Lapidus and Jay and Jean Kislak - ABAA and ILAB Patrons of Honour

The Antiquarian Booksellers' Association of America is delighted to announce that Sid Lapidus and Jay and Jean Kislak have been awarded the ABAA and ILAB Patron of Honor. The ABAA feels these individuals demonstrate how the printed word materially affects history, scholarship, and cultural intelligence and the importance of collections to institutions and the public.
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Yale University Press - The Voynich Manuscript

In February 2014, media reported a breakthrough that had been made in attempts to decipher a mysterious 600-year-old manuscript written in an unknown language: The Voynich Manuscript, carbon-dated to the 1400s, was rediscovered in 1912, when the antiquarian bookseller Wilfrid Voynich bought it in Italy as part of a rare book collection. Since then it has defied codebreakers and scientists. The BBC and several news channels reported on the case. Yale University Press has now published the "first authorized copy of this mysterious, much-speculated-upon, one-of-a-kind, centuries-old puzzle." (Yale)
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