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Rare Books and the Rare Book Trade

The ABA and the International League of Antiquarian Booksellers

Published on 27 March 2018
The ABA and ILAB look back at a long history. The ABA is relaunching its flagship fair in London this year, the oldest antiquarian book fair in the world, under the auspices of ILAB. This text by the late Anthony Rota, ABA bookseller and ILAB President of Honour, was published in 2008 in the ABA Directory.
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From the Vault

A sneak peek in our archives


Rare Book School Summer Courses 2012

RARE BOOK SCHOOL (RBS) provides continuing-education opportunities for students from all disciplines and levels to study the history of written, printed, and born-digital materials with leading scholars and professionals in the field. Highlights of the Summer Courses:
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Police Prevented Theft of Historical Documents

Two men tried to steal historical documents from the Maryland Historical Society on Saturday. The papers include documents signed by Abraham Lincoln, commemorations of the Statue of Liberty and the Washington Monument as well as presidential inaugural ball invitations and programs.
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Did This Rare Color-Plate Book Inspire the Six-Month Dental Check-Up?

Stop! Read this before you go to the dentist. Maybe you decide not to go … Stephen Gertz about George Cruikshank and the pains of the six-month dental check-up.
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Tokyo, World Antiquarian Book Plaza, 23 April – A report by ILAB Pop Up Book Fair visitor Colin Laird (AbeBooks)

One of the most fascinating things about Japan is the harmonious blend of old and new. If you spend enough time there, seeing a thousand-year-old temple set among sky scrapers or watching as elegant ladies dressed in kimono rush past teens sporting the latest (and often bizarre) fashion trends will start to feel perfectly normal. Today, as I headed into Tokyo to attend the Pop-Up Book Fair put on by the International League of Antiquarian Booksellers (ILAB) aboard a Shinkansen at more than 300km/h, I knew that I was about to experience one of those special paradoxes.
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