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Working from home? Useful advice from the Guardian

The Guardian published a very useful article on home office solutions.
ILAB is not endorsing any particular company or software but here are some useful tips.
Published on 19 March 2020
Guardian screenshot

The Guardian, 14 March 2020: 
Working from home? Video conference call tips for the self-isolating

Video conference calls will be on the rise during the coronavirus crisis. Try these dos and dont’s if you can’t get into the office. 

The first rule when it comes to video conference calling is, don’t dress for the beach. Or the gym. Or bed. “One time I had a woman on the call in a spaghetti strap tank top,” says technology executive Amy Bailey. She manages a team of 10 remote workers from her home in California. Video conferencing technology is integral to her job: her team could not function without their daily morning video call. “I said: ‘I know you’re at home, but we can see a bit too much. Put a blouse on!’”

As the coronavirus epidemic continues, more of us will be working from home. Many won’t be digital natives, and may be coming to grips with video calling for the first time. How best to project an aura of professionalism from home?

Read the full article on the Guardian website here. 

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