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Oak Knoll Press publishes "ILAB Historical Index" - Celebrating 70 Years of ILAB

The International League of Antiquarian Booksellers is celebrating its 70th anniversary in 2018. Oak Knoll Press has just published the League's "Historical Index", compiled by ILAB bookseller Nevine Marchiset.
Published on 24 Jan. 2018
1952 Brussels Meeting

This history of the International League of International Booksellers is written in the form of an annotated index of important subjects, services, decisions, and events that together chronicle the 70 years of the ILAB. The author, ILAB Bookseller Nevine Marchiset, has devoted tireless energy to the functioning of the ILAB over the years, and here she has compiled a concise but comprehensive account from the records of ILAB Congresses and meetings since its inception. With an Introduction by ILAB President Gonzalo Fernandez Pontes and a Foreword by Member of Honour Keith Fletcher. Designed by Scott Vile at the Ascensius Press and printed in an edition of 500 copies. Dedicated to Bob Fleck, whose efforts in behalf of ILAB are recorded herein.

Menno Hertzberger, one of the driving forces and founders of the League wrote in 1947: "Five long years had put up extra barriers between nations. There was no communication. This enforced extra chauvinism and worse, hatred. Was there a possibility to do something about interhuman relationship, to bring nations more together? This was my dream; but how could it be realized? Only on common ground, on mutual interests, and therefore, for an antiquarian bookseller, by his love, THE BOOK!” (Hertzberger)

In 1947 representatives from Great Britain, France, Denmark, Sweden and The Netherlands met in Amsterdam for a Preliminary Conference. They discussed Hertzberger’s idea of forming an organization that counteracted the animosity and suspicion engendered by the Second World War. The new International League of Antiquarian Booksellers should foster friendship and understanding between the nations as the mutual basis for a fair and professional trade in the future.

The League was formally incorporated in Copenhagen in September 1948, with ten participating countries. Representatives from Belgium, Finland, Switzerland, and Italy joined their colleagues from Great Britain, France, Sweden, Denmark and The Netherlands at the conference table. 

ILAB's "Historical Index" is a great reference tool to learn about the history of the League, the associations and the many booksellers who contributed to the organisation and how it is perceived today. 


The publication will be officially launched during the 43rd ILAB Congress in Los Angeles, Pasadena which runs from 3 -8 February 2018. 

To order a copy, please contact Oak Knoll Books.

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