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A Message from Michael Steinbach, President of VdAO: Join us at BUCH WIEN 2017!

Now in its third consecutive year, sixteen leading antiquarian booksellers will take part in BUCH WIEN, Austria's literary festival also known as Vienna International Book Fair. For the first time, one of the oldest and most reputable antiquarian bookshops of Vienna, Christian Nebehay, will be amongst the exhibitors.
Published on 07 Nov. 2017
BUCH WIEN 2017 Poster

Some highlights that are offered this year include: a watercolour by Alfred Kubin; “Der blaue Reiter” by W. Kandinsky; a first impression of Schubert’s last oeuvre “Schwanengesang”; a signed photograph by Sigmund Freud; and the earliest known print of the world-famous Christmas carol “Stille Nacht”.

As in the years before, visitors can bring along their bibliophile treasures for professional advice. Several school classes will be introduced on the “secrets” of old books and a book restorer will show her work with some practical examples.

But most importantly, the focus will be on the craft and history of “old books” and bringing them to the public’s attention. Holding an old book in your hands cannot be replaced by anything, not a smartphone, tablet or anything similar. Books have existed for over 600 years. What is the longevity of electronic data? Do we know? No one can be sure.


We believe that owning a library will become fashionable again. A book will always be inspiring and enriching.

Another reason to visit and meet the antiquarian booksellers at the BUCH WIEN is to be able to receive competent and reliable information and feedback. All books that are exhibited here are carefully described, catalogued and priced at market value. This is not always a given on Internet platforms.

Myself and my colleagues from the Austrian Antiquarian Booksellers’ Association look forward to welcome you at BUCH WIEN from 8 – 12 November 2017!

Michael Steinbach

President of the Austrian Antiquarian Booksellers' Association (Verband der Antiquare Österreichs)

Buch Wien, otherwise known as the Vienna International Book Fair, is a quite recent newcomer on the stage of International literary events. Launched for the first time in 2008, the Viennese fair took up the challenge brilliantly. Indeed, the main purpose of its creation was to give a fresh boost to a 60 years old event: the Viennese Book Week. Although the event has now reached the status of “main literary event” in Austria, it still differs in scope from events such as Frankfurt or Leipzig. The primary goal of the Vienna Book Fair is to foster the relationship between publishers and their readership. This is why, every year, the event is simultaneously organized with the one week long “Reading Festival”.
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