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Meet the ILAB Booksellers | | Meet the ILAB Booksellers

Meet the ILAB Booksellers

Published on 02 May 2014

Do you want to buy a book?

The ILAB book search is the only worldwide database that is limited exclusively to professional, peer-evaluated rare booksellers. You can buy with confidence from a world of expert and professional rare booksellers.

Are you looking for an expert?

Knowledge, expertise, many years of experience, and a high quality stock of rare books are essential for all ILAB booksellers. They deal with rare books, manuscripts, prints and autographs from all centuries, and all fields of interest. Search the booksellers' database on this website, and come in contact with the world's best booksellers.


Meet the ILAB Booksellers

Rare bookselling is an extraordinary profession. Surrounded by beautiful books it unites a profound knowledge of the history of our culture with modern economics and technology. We are introducing the stories and characters behind the scenes of the rare book trade -

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