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John McWinnie

Published on 20 Jan. 2012

From The Wall Street Journal

He was known as “a champion of words and images on paper in an age of electronic reading” (The New York Times). “He has been one of the primary forces to bridge the gap between the art world and the establishment rare book world. He was usually two years ahead of everyone else in elevating an overlooked group of artists or writers–Mary Beach comes to mind, but there are many others - to the point where institutions and private collectors took notice” (Sheelagh Bevan, assistant curator of printed books at the Morgan Library & Museum in New York).

Aged 43, the New York bookseller John McWhinnie died a week ago under tragic circumstances. He drowned during a snorkeling accident while on vacation in the British Virgin Islands. Read the moving obituary by Robert P. Waltzer in The Wall Street Journal:

>>> John McWhinnie, Rare Book Dealer, Dies

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