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Jeff Weber

Published on 07 June 2012

Jeff Weber Rare Books was established in 1987 and specializes in bibliography, California, fore-edge painting, medicine, natural history, science and technology. Jeff Weber started working with books at Stanford Libraries and UCLA Libraries, bookstore experience began with working for William P. Wreden in Palo Alto and Zeitlin & Ver Brugge Booksellers, Los Angeles. His grandfather Carl J. Weber was Roberts Professor of English Literature at Colby College, his father David C. Weber was Director of Stanford University Libraries. Carl J. Weber was a Thomas Hardy scholar and is remembered for his history of fore-edge painting (1949 and 1966). David Weber collected Joseph Conrad and has written extensively in library literature. Jeff Weber also lectures on the history of fore-edge paintings. He has written five book catalogues of fore-edges, each fully illustrated, and a book on the fore-edge paintings of John T. Beer.

>>> A Collector’s Primer to the Wonders of Fore-edge Painting


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