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I’ve got divorced - Elváltam

Books are our companions, not only in an intellectual, not in a mere economical sense. We touch them, we admire their beauty, some of them are the one and only love of our rare book dealing lives. And then, there is the moment when we have to split up. The book is - sold.
Published on 19 Sept. 2011

By Adam Bösze

It happened in London at the beginning of this summer. I did not presume that moment would come. Not only not presumed, in fact I thought this relationship would last forever. This faith of mine was based on our first meeting. She was in a very bad condition, but I soon realized that she could be my only-one and my treasure, and she can reborn with my love and energy. Looking back to our years I see all my faults. I hurt her by closing her, with my false sentences, my scanty strokes. I also smelled her scent only once in a month. And this is little, especially for a beautiful lady. (After spending my summers in the countryside and coming back to the city, she, her scent was the only one thing which helped me to entirely come back to the real world, to the awful city of mine.) Nobody will forgive me my mistakes (cheat she daily for example).

I do not want to whip myself, no, because I do not feel that we could have avoided this situation. I know of course that from her new lover she will have more: pride, for example. He will take her with him, he will introduce her to everybody, just to show off with her beauty. I am happy. Her place in my heart won’t be filled, but her fate is not my fate any more.

To be objective:

I sold my favourite music score, the handwritten collection of songs by Madame de Keresztury (1810)

The article was posted in Bősze Ádám blogja, a rare books blog from Hungary by Adam Bösze, President of the Hungarian Antiquarian Booksellers’ Association. It is presented here by permission of the author.

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