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Published on 30 Oct. 2014



 Let's put the R A R E in the UNESCO World Book & Copyright Day!

On April 23, 2015, ILAB booksellers will pop-up across the world!

The UNESCO World Book & Copyright Day is celebrated all over the world with a series of amazing events promoting the essence of reading and the culture of the book. Next year, on April 23, 2015, this day will also be a special day for ILAB. In cooperation with UNESCO a series of ILAB Pop Up Book Fairs will be held across the world. Starting the day in Australia, the fairs will open one after another from Australia to Asia to Europe to the United States. They will be located in any place where ILAB affiliates decide to join us in organizing this amazing event. For 24 hours the worldwide Pop Up Book Fairs will be followed up with pictures, videos and reports in the media and, of course, on the ILAB website.

The ILAB Pop Up Book Fairs will be quite different from the book fairs that national associations routinely hold.

• Everyone can easily organize a fair! You don't need any professional skills or equipment. All you need to do is to find a small group of ILAB booksellers with a small selection of their stock, provide some tables to display the books, and a sign to make sure people can't miss it.

• Unexpected venues! The fairs can take place anywhere: a hotel lobby, a train station, a library, a town hall, an auction house. Or maybe some ILAB affiliates would like to host the Pop Up Fair in their premises? Imagination is the only limitation here.

• Not time consuming! The fairs will be short: the whole day, or only a few hours on 23 April, 2015. There will be many fairs in many different places, easy to reach for all ILAB affiliates.

• Highly attractive low-budget events! No additional equipment like shelves or showcases are needed. A few tables will be enough.

• Officially supported by ILAB and UNESCO! The fairs will be promoted by the UNESCO World Book & Copyright Day campaign, in blogs and magazines, with ILAB Newsletters, and - throughout the day - on the ILAB website and in the Social Media.

Fill a bookcase to fight illiteracy!

To gain as much media coverage as possible the ILAB Pop Up Book Fairs will be more than just a fair, they will also be a venue for raising money to fight illiteracy throughout the world. What could be closer to the interests of all ILAB affiliates than literacy? What is more appropriate than to enable as many children and adults as possible throughout the world to read books? Book collectors start as book readers! If we are concerned about the future of the book and younger generations of collectors, we must start at the very beginning. The UNESCO program to fight illiteracy is the most powerful worldwide partner we could have.

• How to raise money? The ILAB Pop Up Fairs start their day with an empty symbolic bookcase positioned at the entrance or in another very visible position. Colleagues and customers are offered the opportunity to "buy" a symbolic book to fill the bookcase and thereby donate money to support the UNESCO projects.

• Donate and fill the bookcases! The "bookcases" are large posters, on which pictures of books can be fixed. As symbolic books are "bought", symbolic bookcases fill and across the world more and more money is raised for UNESCO's literacy program.

• Publicity! On a special section of the ILAB website - and in the Social Media - ILAB will be reporting non-stop. Statements made by donors will be posted, pictures of the bookcases filling with "books" and the ongoing total worldwide sum of money raised for UNESCO will be shown.

No extra work for the national associations and the book fair organizers!

• ILAB will lead the way! ILAB provides all organizers of Pop Up Book Fairs on the UNESCO World Book & Copyright Day with "bookcase" posters, symbolic "books" and press releases including facts about the UNESCO illiteracy program to promote the Pop Up Fairs and the fundraising.

How to join this worldwide event?

• Be a part of it! ILAB Pop Up Book Fairs will be organised by ILAB and ILAB affiliates everywhere on UNESCO World Book & Copyright Day 2015. To join us and for more detailed information please contact ILAB Committee Member Sally Burdon or ILAB Web Editor Barbara van Benthem.

• Visit the ILAB website to learn more about the UNESCO World Book & Copyright Day and how the ILAB affiliates are going to participate in 2015! Read the ILAB President's welcome and an enthusiastic blog post by Laurence Worms

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