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ILAB News 14

Published on 19 Oct. 2011


"Out of the classroom and into the world" - ILAB Internships

ILAB has launched an internship program for young antiquarian book dealers. Alena Lavrenova and Anastasya Zhikhareva, two young antiquarian booksellers from Russia, spent four weeks in Austria, Hungary, Germany and the Netherlands. Read their exciting reports!

Young Dealers / Old Books

"First catalogues are intimidating things, as you are introducing yourself to the bookselling world: your fellow dealers, serious collectors, institutions and librarians. All the more intimidating is that you are doing this in something that announces that it's your first effort, thereby - to my mind at least - inviting even closer scrutiny. So you truly want to present the best image of yourself that you can." With Brian Cassidy's musings on his first catalogue, ILAB starts a new series on "Young Dealers / Old Books".

It's a lifestyle ...

"The wise and great bookseller Louis Weinstein of The Heritage Book Shop once opined that antiquarian bookselling wasn't a business so much as it was a lifestyle choice. Book fairs are for many of us a large part of that lifestyle: frequent and often amusing travel, the thrill of discovery, and most of all the pleasure of our colleagues." That's why I am lucky to be a bookseller, says Tom Congalton.

... not without eccentricities

Julius Friedländer used to wear a Turkish fez. With his curly black hair Jacques Rosenthal, fiery in his youth, was a real heart-throb. Karl W. Hiersemann resembled a Catholic priest so much that children sometimes kissed his hand, believing he was the parish priest. And even in winter J. A. Stargardt personally climbed up all the stairs to the attic of his house where the valuable books were kept. One day he was found there grappling with a cat who was nursing her kittens on a pile of incunabula. Max Ziegert's "Schattenrisse deutscher Antiquare", a witty and moving document of the 19th century trade.



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A Love Affair

Books are our companions, not only in an intellectual, not in a mere economical sense. We touch them, we admire their beauty, some of them are the one and only love of our rare book dealing lives. And then, there is the moment when we have to split up. The book is - sold. Adám Bosze: "I've got divorced"

Forgery or History?

An antiquarian bookseller acts like a detective to find out the true history (or forgery) of the books he is cataloguing. Laura Massey's story about a book with an inscription and a fore-edge-painting which turned out not to be what it had seemed to be at first sight.

Why is "Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban" sometimes expensive, and sometimes not?

What does a bookdealer mean when he or she says "First Edition, First Issue."? Is it important from a collecting standpoint? Are the stars just pinholes in the curtain of night? Who knows? We All Have Issues - a brilliant post by Bibliodeviancy.

Book Sizes and Taking Advantage of Bald Men

Folio, Quarto, Octavo, Duodecimo, Sextodecimo, Vicesimo-quarto, Crown Octavo, Elephant Folio ... An awesome way to learn about book formats! 

Fine, Fancy, Frivolous Bindings and Books

on art, architecture, music, literature,typography, sciences, philosophy, photography, travel and adventure. New catalogues by Simon Beattie, Michael Steinbach, George Bayntun, Alain Cambon, Hugues de Latude, Fabrizio Govi, Jonathan Hill, Librairie d' Otrante and many others. Ready to download on


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